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Our Creative Curriculum

Our school’s curriculum is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. We offer children broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum which recognises individual developmental needs and takes account of National  Curriculum subjects. The following topics are developed from Chris Quigley’s Creative Themes for learning - to find out more about this skills based curriculum visit Chris Quigley website here or talk to your child’s teacher.

We aim to provide children with the ability to meet the unknown challenges of the twenty-first century. We focus on developing children’s learning capacity so that they can become positive, responsible citizens who can work and co-operate with others while at the same time developing their knowledge and skills, in order to be the best they can be. The aim is for our curriculum to be the best for our children at Harpenden Academy. We want it to be exciting, interesting and engaging so that children are curious and want to learn. We want children to come home from school excited about what they are learning about. We also want our curriculum to be about raising standards. Our curriculum is now skills based, with a focus on improving key subject skills. This is so that children gain the subject knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to their stage of development. We do this by following three simple principles. The what, why and how of the curriculum planning:


As an Academy we are not required to teach the National Curriculum, so in its place we have created an effective school curriculum which is based upon our curriculum drivers of first hand experience, global awareness, emotional awareness and aspirations as well as reflecting the breadth of National Curriculum subjects.


So that children learn and get better at using key subject skills.


We plan exciting contexts for learning that ‘hook’ and engage learners so that they want to learn more. We aim to make learning real and relevant to the lives of our children. As a new school and will be continuously growing until we reach full capacity of year groups in 2018. This means the curriculum is constantly being reviewed to ensure that it meets the needs of our children.

The Creative Curriculum has been organised through a ‘topic based’ approach which incorporates the key skills set out on the National Curriculum. The use of ICT is encouraged on all topic areas set out in its own right and in both the teaching of the topic and in the opportunities for children’s independent learning. Each class teacher is responsible for the delivery of the Creative Curriculum. Although links can be made with all subjects, the following subjects are dedicated, discrete sessions:


Maths skills are key to developing everyday skills although links can be made to the curriculum through data handling, position, measurement (especially in Science) DT and Geography.


English, Phonics, Guided Reading and handwriting are taught as discrete subjects as they build up basic skills.


Hertfordshire RE Syllabus.


PE is taught by class teachers as well as additional specialist PE staff from Samuel Ryder Academy.

Swimming is taught by specialist staff at the local swimming pool.


These lessons are linked to the creative curriculum and allow the chance for children to become familiar with another language.


Teaching staff are encouraged to broaden the experience of the topics for the children through trips, visitors into school and shared experiences of the wider school community, e.g. involvement with parents and school links etc.