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Years 1-6

At HA we have drawn upon the passion and expertise of our staff to produce a challenging, rigorous and exciting curriculum using the new National curriculum and adding in our own areas to expand, strengthen and reinforce the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding.

Our literacy curriculum comprises of the Read Write Inc. synthetic phonics approach for younger children and there are opportunities to develop their writing skills in all areas of the curriculum. The children also take part in the Big Write on Thursdays where their home learning helps them to gather information before they have to put their ideas to paper. Our children are becoming confident, creative and articulate writers, as they build from the strong base of their solid understanding of synthetic phonics. We strive to foster a love of reading in our pupils, and children of all ages are helped to read widely, both at home and at school. 

Within our vibrant Mathematics curriculum, we focus on calculations using the four operations:

  • number systems
  • shape and space
  • measure
  • statistics

The children are encouraged to learn their number facts, to solve word problems, to work independently  and to become curious of the world of number.

Science, wherever possible, is taught through a hands-on approach and our children are encouraged to experiment and discover for themselves. We want children to not only ask the big scientific questions; we want to equip them with the scientific understanding and skills to find the answers.

Our wider curriculum is rich, diverse and challenging. When studying for History, Geography and Religious Education, we encourage children to develop a respect and understanding of the lives of others, through an enquiry-led approach and the children have input into the topics which are chosen to study each term. Children ask questions and can follow their own line of enquiry if they want to extend their learning.

Our children develop their skills and expression through a creative curriculum in Art, Design and Music. Children work with paints, clays, charcoals, pastels and many other media in our dazzling art lessons. Children are encouraged to be unique and find their own talents by experimenting with different ideas. We are fortunate to have a dedicated music teacher for reception - Year 4, and our Year 3  receive weekly Cornet instrument lessons.

Our languages curriculum, through which all children in Year 3-5 learn French, encourages children to become confident speakers. Through role-play and recitation, our children learn quickly, and have fun doing so.

Finally, we enjoy an energetic physical education curriculum, in which children develop skills and physical fitness across a range of different sports. Children receive teaching in conventional team sports, gymnastics and athletics, and our children's aptitudes are developed further through our after-school provision of a sports club.

Please enjoy visiting the subject pages of our website, where our subject coordinators share more information about the curriculum on offer.