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Shakespeare Year 6 Class

Welcome to Shakespeare class, Year 6 class at Harpenden Academy. We have an exciting and challenging year ahead, with the aim of having the children confident, ready and raring to go to secondary school in a year's time as well as ensuring SATs are as fruitful as possible. It will be a year of significant academic, emotional and social growth and we are really looking forward to embarking on this journey with the children.

Developing the children's growth mindsets and resilience will be a key focus for the year and as these skills grow, the children will undoubtably flourish even further and be even better prepared for their transition next September.

Mornings will be filled with engaging Maths and English learning, linked to our topic wherever possible and meaningful.  Afternoons will be spent on our creative curriculum, again linking our learning to our topic.

We look forward to celebrating the children's successes and best mistakes over the coming year and having lots of fun along the way!

The Year 6 Team

Mrs Watson
Class Teacher

Please see Mrs Watson Teacher Passport (download)

Miss Curtis
Class Teacher & Deputy Head

Please see Miss Curtis Teacher Passport (download)