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Aims and Values

It is the aim of the school that each child will:


  • achieve high standards in relation to talents and ability in every area of the curriculum
  • become effective, articulate and fluent communicators through written and spoken word
  • have begun to develop the critical thinking skills that support reasoned and rational thought
  • become independent learners with the skills to play and learn
  • become fluent readers.


  • feel confident and valued as an individual, secure in relationships with peers and adults
  • adopt a respectful caring and responsible attitude to life
  • develop the curiosity and perseverance necessary for life long learning
  • give expression to a wide variety of talents
  • be able to remember their primary school years with a smile.

Spiritually, Culturally and in Citizenship

  • be aware and respectful of the diversity of religions and cultures within society and feel safe with his/her own beliefs
  • develop inner strength from a growing understanding of morals and choice
  • be aware of the responsibilities of citizenship locally and globally.


  • understand the basic principles of maintaining good health
  • have been given the opportunity to acquire skills and a liking for physical activities.

The curriculum is the medium through which the school sets out to achieve these aims and the ethos of the school is determined by the manner in which the curriculum is delivered, and by those values and attitudes which underpin the teaching and learning.

At Harpenden Academy we have the same shared values as The Scholars Education Trust of which we belong, regarding children’s learning. This can be summed up by ‘ACE’: Achievement, Care and Excellence. ACE underpins everything that we do and provides a secure basis for all to strive and accomplish.

We believe in the value of lifelong learning and that people learn new things every day; learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our teaching aims to equip children with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to make informed choices about the important things in their lives and to take responsibility for their own learning. We believe that appropriate learning will lead to happy and rewarding lives. Every aspect of our curriculum and every aspect of school life are underpinned by the five British values of:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs